Agriculture and Allied Activities

 Agriculture in Anandwan was first started on 50 acres of land as a grant by the state government. Additional land granted by Government of Maharashtra was put to use thus increasing the total area under cultivation to 180 acres.

The soil type in Anandwan is black cotton soil. Flood irrigation is suitable in this part of India due to the heavy mineral content. But because of the lack of adequate water supply, flood irrigation is difficult.Dr. Vikas Amte & his team overcame the difficulties faced due to shortage of water by creating 9 huge water bodies, 10 tube wells & 6 open wells that function today as perennial sources of water at Anandwan.

anandwan dairy

Anandwan Dairy was started with a lame cow which Baba had brought along to Anandwan in  1951. With the increase in number of people, number of animals increased resulting to increase in milk production.

Today, the surplus milk that remains after being used by the residents of Anandwan is sold. Excess milk is used to make milk-products such as dahi (yogurt), ghee (clarified butter), butter, pedha, paneer, khawa & chakka. Rural technology is followed in the dairy and the daily milk production is approximately 800 litres. It is sold at a price of Rs.60/litre. Residents in Anandwan are provided milk at subsidised rates. The testing of milk for its nutrients is also carried out.