Healthcare at Hemalkasa


In 1973, when Lok Biradari Prakalp was established at Hemalkasa, modern medicine and health care was unknown. When ill the tribals took to local witchcraft, which of course often proved fatal. The forests were plagued with deadly diseases like cerebral malaria, malaria, TB, ascites, cancer and sickle cell anaemia. The tribals were also victims of bear bites, burns, snake bites, scabies and severe malnutrition.


The Madia-Gond is an extremely remarkable race. They were utterly ignorant and ages and centuries behind time. Barely clad in clothes,they were unaware of India – The glorious independence and the progress it promised. For them a man in clothes was evil and intimidating. Exploitation by the few government officials was extreme and for the Madias it was just a change from the exploitation by the Gora-sahab to the desi-sahab.


Lok Biradari Hospital has now won wide acceptance from the initially suspicious tribals. Today, the hospital caters to around 45,000 patients a year from 1,000 villages in a 250 km radius, including people from Chattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh. The hospital has 50 beds and is equipped with all essential facilities like ultra sonography, X-ray, pathology lab, delivery room and operation theatres. 

The hospital also provides its patients and their relatives with two meals. It provides 24 hour care to patients who may land up at any time of the day. Even though the hospital boasts of many modern facilities and equipment the cases that visit the hospital continue to be as unusual and challenging as ever.

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