therapeutic theatre (SWARANANANDWAN)

Swaranandwan is one such special platform for the talented leprosy patients and physically-challenged residents of Anandwan to showcase their skills and forget their inhibiting handicaps. A unique musical orchestra with special performers, Swaranandwan was initiated with the financial support from 'Share and Care', USA and UNICEF through the Government of Maharashtra, Nouvelle Planete, Switzerland and several others.

The orchestra went live on July 14th, 2002 after months of music lessons, practice and dance rehearsals. This three hour musical extravaganza includes popular Marathi and Hindi songs, Assamese bamboo dance, tribal dance, mimicry, folk dances and much more. More than 200 people are part of this fun-filled musical troupe. This orchestra is believed to build an extraordinary bond between the healthy hearts of the disabled and the society, thus creating a ‘Pain-Friendship’ between the two!

Swaranandwan is not just an ordinary orchestra, but as conceived by Dr. Vikas Amte, it is a ‘Therapeutic Theatre’ aimed at providing them a psycho-socio, rejuvenating therapy by harnessing their latent talents. Swaranandwan has become a medium for these differently-abled artists to unleash their untapped potential, which has obligated the society at large to take note of them. Moreover, Swaranandwan has suffused the otherwise dull and drab lives of the performers as well of the entire leprosy-stricken and physically-challenged residents of Anandwan, with colours of music and gaiety.

Through the medium of therapeutic theatre, we wish to provide for the disabled people, a platform, an opportunity and an avenue to lead a normal life, an expression for their untapped potential, which eventually gives them the purpose to live life. Physical exercise raises their metabolism and appetite, thus contributing to their well-being. Eventually, this keeps them fit, improves their body language and increases their confidence, which is the part of physic and occupational therapy.
Swaranandwan also acts as a ‘curing therapy’ to many who are mentally and physically weak to live life with undying strength and spirit and full of confidence and happiness. Otherwise the only option left for such rejected disabled (physically and socially) persons is begging.


aims and objectives

  • To harness the untapped musical potential of the disabled
  • To serve as a special platform for the leprosy-cured and physically challenged to showcase their talents.
  • To serve as a therapeutic theatre to help the participants achieve self-healing.  Through involvement in music, song & dance and through stage performances, to increase the self-esteem and confidence of the participants.
  • To provide an opportunity to the disabled to lead a normal life through the medium of music.
  • By bringing the people with disabilities into the mainstream of society to augment their feelings of being accepted, sense of security, co-operation and solidarity with society