Mulgavan, a village in the Yavatmal District of Maharashtra is infamous for farmer suicides. The primary source of income for the people in this region is agriculture and agro related activities. Poor monsoons have forced the farmer to take his own life as he cannot feed his family, let alone the cattle.

The Gramin Vikas Prakalp (A Centre for Social Action) was set up for the betterment of the people living in the Mulgavan village and its adjoining areas. Apart from providing free healthcare services, the project also conducts various vocational training programmes with an aim to lower the dependency on agriculture.
Basic facilities such as housing, water, etc. are also provided to the villagers.

Seminars are conducted here from time to time, to educate farmers in the proper technique of farming. We plan to start an Agriculture Polytechnic College here from the academic year 18-19.