Baba Amte established Somnath in 1967 on 1200 acres of land allotted by the Govt. of Maharashtra in the Tadoba buffer zone to rehabilitate leprosy afflicted patients from Anandwan. As a result, agriculture and other livelihood opportunities were set up at Somnath to facilitate employment for the rehabilitated individuals. Baba hoped to make every village sustainable and every farmer’s life easier.

Today, Somnath is our agricultural backbone and is often called as the ‘Food Bowl of MSS, Warora’. With a focus on Agrarian development, Somnath has successfully executed various environmental and water conservation initiatives. Besides, a check dam constructed with waste rubber tyres and plastic is one of our most successful initiatives towards becoming environmentally sustainable. In addition, a few man made lakes have been dug here.

Every year in the month of May, we conduct our annual ‘Shramsanskar Chavni’, a 10 day long event that aims to inculcate and instill important values like work ethics, punctuality, time management, teamwork etc. in the campers. This camp is very popular, attracting more than 500 people every year.

We aspire to be an inspiration to villages by implementing various environmental and sustainable farming initiatives while concurrently being a leader in educational, healthcare and livelihood promotion.