"Haath lage nirmaan mein, nahi mangne, nahi maarne." (Use your hands to create, not to beg, not to harm) - Baba Amte.

The idea of ‘How to build/develop a man” found its roots when Baba saw the emptiness of the supple minds of youth, who were being pushed away from the idea of living a community centered and development oriented life due to prevailing socio-economic conditions and education system. Baba would always argue that if people affected with leprosy and other disabilities could carve out an oasis out of barren land and pioneer the paradigms of development, then why can’t people especially the youngsters who have able minds and bodies build a modern responsible and inclusive nation.

The solution was to kindle the young hearts by channelling their anxieties, desperation and raw energy on the path of development.

This vision came to realization through “Shram Sanskar Chavani” which Baba often refered to as a factory for transforming youngsters into sensitive, responsible, development oriented citizens. This was achieved by instilling the value of hard labor in their hearts and minds.

'Shram Sanskar Chhavani' is a week-long annual boot camp where young boys and girls from all over the country congregate, make friends, get sensitized and work in harmony with nature, building check dams, cultivating barren land, cleaning forests and digging lakes through Shramadan (hard labor). Working together, regardless of caste, creed and religion, helps them to develop empathy, secular values, national integration and sensitization towards the marginalized section of society and environment. Participants learn about current and potential challenges confronting the society and are encouraged to ideate and develop sustainable solution through interaction with their peers and subject matter experts on topics ranging from education, health care, livelihoods, agriculture, rural development and environmental conservation.

The camp started in 1967 and till date has more than 40,000 youths all over India and the world. It has pioneered various youth empowerment programs in India. It is believed that 4 out of 10 social workers, activists and entrepreneurs in Maharashtra have attended the camp at some point of time in their youth. Additionally, thousands of past campers have imbibed the learnings from the camp to excel in their respective professions like medicine, engineering, governance and research.

Other information: ShramSanskar Chhavani 2019

Theme and Concept: Jodo Bharat Abhiyaan - The Revival!

Location of the camp:
At and Post: Anandwan, Tahsil: Warora, District: Chandrapur, Maharashtra -Pin code: 442914

Organizers: Dr. Sheetal Amte- Karajgi, Mr. Gautam Karajgi

Dates of the Camp (Duration)

New campers (first time entries):
15th - 19th May 2019
(Camp Finale and wrap-up: 20th May 2019)

Old campers of Chhavani:
19th- 21st May 2019
(Camp Finale and wrap-up: 22nd May 2019)

Camp Entries limit this year:

- New entires: 500

- Old campers: 70

Age group: 16-45 years
(Beyond this age group, medical clearance and fitness certificate is mandatory for participation)

Participation fees: INR 800/-
(Only NEFT payments shall be accepted for the registration. No ON SPOT registrations)

Registration Timelines: 9th Feb - 30th April 2019

For Registration and other queries, email us at:

For additional information, please contact : +919689888501

Provide us your email id & we will certainly connect you to the co-ordinators of the Camp.